BrainQQ Get SMART! Enhanced HIGH Absorption Nootropic Brain Formula-Concentration, Focus, Clarity & Memory Peak Performance. 100mg of Ubiquinol (QH) plus Natural PQQ 20mg

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Mental Endurance Focus & Clarity Advanced Brain Support: BrainQQ’s proprietary combination of NaturalPQQ & Ubiquinol (the active form of CoQ10) help support both neurofunction & neuroprotection. Research has indicated that combining PQQ & CoQ10 increases the benefits of both compounds and may help protect against age-related cognitive damage and support healthy brain function. BrainQQ supports mental clarity, concentration, memory, mental energy and mental sharpness.

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Advanced Cognitive Function Formula BrainQQ is a unique formulation of the essential nutrients NaturalPQQ & Ubiquinol. Similar to Ubiquinol, NaturalPQQ is a micronutrient that helps support brain function, stimulates the growth of new mitochondria and the production of nerve growth factor (NGF) which triggers growth & branching of nerve cells. BrainQQ proprietary formulation may help support against age-related cognitive decline. BrainQQ uses only pure, pharmaceutical grade NaturalPQQ and Ubiqui…

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